Uh oh…I’m in trouble. Here was me thinking Mark had fallen asleep in with Maia, so in I went to wake him up, and up pops her sweet little head, followed very quickly by out stretched arms and “maaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmaaaaaaa” and the fake tears….oh dear. Mark wont be pleased with me lol. Oh well, not much I can do about that one now

So, here’s me, cuppa in hand, awaiting “Swedens Ugliest Home” ( a home make over show ) instead. This week its a mature couple who emigrated from Iran in the 80’s and still live in a mash up mix of east meets west circa 1988. Interesting! Wonder how it would feel if Maia or Lily ever set us up for something like that, hang it all out there for the whole nation to see…If that isnt a perfect exucse to re decorate and buy new things for the house often, I dont know what is. What a dreadfully hard task at hand!

Tomorrow I am borrowing the super cute Alba for the day and I get a taste of what its like with three under three…wish me luck!


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