Our dear little apprentice Jenny is competing in a competition. So this is me chillin, playing superiour whilst Jenny gets creative on Matilda. How cool is my pose btw 😉 ? Also, check out the super retro specs!

Well this friday seems to have sprung up rather sneakily, just like all the others… I cant quite fathom how quickly time goes, and to be perfectly frank, it is making me feel rather old. I mean, when I was younger, all I’d ever hear was the grown ups complaining on how quickly time goes… and now I am one of them what does the complaining. Lets go all Lion King and put a label on it – its The Circle of Life.

Today we are running errands with mother, in this beautifully miserable rain. Today is actually a good day would you believe, in spite of the rain. Lily has slept all night, brief waking but easily settled without bottle at 22.24, so it feels like we are gettin back on track. Dear Maia did wake from a nightmare, but with daddy cuddles she quickly dropped back off, and so did he. Waking up to a nice big bed to myself was rather nice haha =) I feel human again!

So who out of the brits (or should I say non swedes) will be adopting the traditional Fredagsmys?

The Results :


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