how NOT to take a family photo..

Now that the weekend is here, you may be feeling the urge to get the camera out. Snap a few moments to treasure for ever of your darling little one doing something adorable, or try a hand at taking a family snap. Timers at the ready, balancing camera just so, and you are ready to go…

As you can see, I failed miserably last week. To say the least. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that may be useful in ensuring you dont do the same :

  1. Use the sodding autofocus. As you can see, all shots are slightly out of focus haha. Muppet
  2. Good light!  Bejeezas, how could I mess up the two most BASIC and IMPORTANT things?!
  3. Make sure children aren’t in charge of any remotes to set of the camera. Not a good look, Maia. Its ment to be DISCREET 😉
  4. Dont try and do this half an hour before bedtime. Ridiculousness. Child strangling child and screaming makes for unattractive photographs.
  5. If it absolutely must be done half hour before bedtime, then make sure Daddy understands how deadly serious you are. Face pulling a la Daddy Wilson = Big no no. Naughty.
And if at first you dont succeed (even after you hit 200+ photos)  try try and try again another day. Perhaps I will try again this weekend,  perhaps not. I’m still rather put off from last time lol

One thought on “how NOT to take a family photo..

  1. Trees mamma i London

    Så sött haha! du får skriva ut nån av dom och sätta upp 😉 charmigt! Jaa åh, jag hade verkligen uppskattat om du sa det till mig, om vaccinerna! skillnaderna alltså.. var det röda hund hon fick "för tidigt" enligt sverige? 🙂 ingen hurry, bara om du har tid alltså!


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