Happy monday

It may be windy and rainy, but today is a good day. I feel all cosy, happy and chilled out. I almost dont want to take Maia to nursery, just so I can cuddle both my babies all day long and play and draw and just be.

The Weekend went by far to quick, as it always seems to do. Saturday Mark went rafting for the first time this season, all the guides went out to scout the river. You swedes out there who fancy a bit of extreme sports, check out this. Or indeed any of you wonderful people, get booking those flights and come see us and throw in a bit of wilderness too 😉

Yesterday we went swimming for the first time with Lily. To say that she liked it is an understatement. Not a single peep out of that lady that wasnt giggles or squeals of excitement (she quite likes the slides and jacuzzi). Not even any protests getting dressed/undressed and normally that is something that can be heard up on top Mount Everest, I’m sure.

So here’s to a new week, new beginnings and lots of fun! Happy Monday


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