Lily 8.5

This is what eating by yourself looks like hehe. Bless, I actually think she looks rather neat compared to a certain sister when she started trying to eat by herself šŸ˜‰

Lily’s 9months day is slowly creeping up – two weeks on friday! To say time has flown would be an understatement. More like it lit a rocket up its a$$ and went at the speed of light. Fast. There’s still an awful lot of gummage going on, not even a hint of a toothypeg even though I have been convinced time and again that perhaps there was one lol. She’ll be more like me and get her tooth at 11months or so, and then there will no doubt be an explosion of the buggers and we will have ten rounds of hell before they are all broken through.

Today, we have been walking. From the living room to the kitchen, kitchen to the girls bedrooms, then back to daddy at the sink in the kitchen. Hello bad back. The crawling thing I think is something that may be just left out. She spins around with squeals of delight in the same spot and pushes off backwards, but so far, actually moving her knees once she is up on them seems like far too much effort hehe. She has rather perfected the commando crawl though. Go Marine Go!


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