Red day

Excuse the bad quality photos, but I am so freakin chuffed to have found an adapter memory card reader that I can slide my teeny tiny 1GB phone memory card into! Wooohooo! Luck be to me who is lacking in the technology department with regards to mobile phones. We really ought to get contract phones sorted…

Anyhoo, today is a red day. Jubilations all around for extra family time. The day has gone incredibly fast, but then time flies when you are having fun. And it tires you out. I am sat here now, all mushy headed and comfy, knowing that we have all had more than our fair share of socialising and fika:ing in a 24hour period. But what the heck, you only live once 😉

I am actually waiting for the washing machine to finish (which  I expect it already has) and once that load is hung and another put on, its off to bedski for me. Last night was a great night. Lily done 18.45-06.30. Just like old times, halleluuujah. Maia, made morning at 04.30. And, seeing as I got the THIRD lay in in a row, I really ought to try and stay ahead of the game. There be only plus points if I dont need to get up teehee =)

Oooooh and only 2 more sleep until saturday, when me and Mark get some much needed and longed for grown up time ❤


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