weekend round up

My oh my, what a busy weekend we have had! I think the only time we really spent at home was when we were asleep! Lovely =) I dont think I could have every weekend like the one we have just had, but every now and again is good for the soul methinks 😉

Saturday, we went to an adventure water park. And by WE, I mean the grown ups only. Maiabus & Lilypops had a fun day and night with Mormor and Grandad, whilst Mamma and Daddy relaxed, had ALOT of fun, ate and drank well. We’ve promised ourselves to try and make time for just us to do something more often, but then we have found ourselves promising this  alot of times and still not really getting on with actually doing something…shame on us.

Sunday, and we were invited for lunch at the Wattses. A lunch which went on to victoria sponge making and eating, then on to dinner and even supper. We actually stayed out past bedtime! Wowzers lol. But then again, when things are so easy with people and the day just floats on by with minimal effort and happy children, why stop??

With this new sense of freedom, came forgetfulness and the camera was left at home. Ho hum, worse things happen I guess. At least I managed to get a few snaps of playtime in the garden yesterday after we picked Maia up from nursery. Being so close to the water makes for some chilly winds unfortunately, but its still pleasant in the sun and when you are walking with a 17kg toddler and 10kg baby in a pram that weighs god knows what, its not that surprising that I started working up a sweat haha.

Today, the sun is shining bright, and Maia and Lily have a friend (very much Alba shaped) coming to play at 9am whilst mamma and daddy Watt are busy for the morning. I  never thought I’d find three easier than two, and at the risk of jinxing myself, our two and Alba get on really well. And I hope today is no exception!!

…….I shall let you know if I survive

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