hello world

It will never cease to amaze me, how little sleep Maia seems to be coping with. And, I will also never realise I need to keep my mouth shut and not jinx things. Like talking about how great things have gotten regarding sleep with Maia, less wake ups in the night, later waking in the morning…and BOOM! 3.30am. After only falling to sleep at 22.00. Battles of wills, frustration to max, and me walking out for 10mins and going for a drive to clear my head.

Anyways…far to busy living life to blog atm! The summer is here, we are out and lapping up the vitamin D, making up for months of darkness and cold. Its not just the good weather to blame, but we have had an awfully busy week too. Today, thankfully, is the last of it, and its time for Maia’s first physio appointment. To say it is a relief that at the moment she is symptom free from JIA, is an understatement. Here’s hoping the autumn & winter doesnt affect her too much, if at all…I can pray at least. I NEVER want to see my beautifully energetic and active daughter reduced to a quiet shell, so stiff and unwilling to move, and in pain.

This time next week this house will be 4 people richer – the long awaited arrival of dear sister in law and her brood of lovelies is only days away. Two long years and one new niece later ( a new one for each of us haha), it will guaranteed be a tear-fest when we see eachother again. I cant blimmin wait! I cant imagine what it would be like seeing EVERYONE again at christmas?!

The borrowing of little Alba went as well as could be
, a few tears from all three, a lot of dummy swapping and many giggles, and cementing the fact that we do not want another child lol. Two keeps us busy enough, and I dont want to lose the novelty and the enjoyment when we have little borrowers here for the day. It is something I imagine I may struggle with if I had three of my own haha. Over exposure to something fun is never good 😉 It is most certainly a day to repeated – Ruaridh & Astrid you have a fab daughter!


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