three lifetimes

My gawd. It is wednesday tomorrow. Shite. Here is me sat thinking how slowly time is goin (today I feel like I have lived three life times) but the new weekend is closer than the last, almost anyways.

Speaking of the weekend, t’was a pretty darned good one if I do say so. BBQing Saturday and Sunday, spending the majority of the time outdoors, and playing the ‘Im so special card’ on the seventh day, seeing it was Mothers Day here on sunday. Poor Husband. He played along so nicely, bless him.  Love, love, love. But if I can be as shallow as to say, one of the bestest best bits was getting a lovely big parcel from the mother in law, with a seasons worth of clothes for M&L. Maia loved her wetsuit, and Lily the teabags. Bit of a fail there, but I love her innocence to clothes for the moment. I am sure that in say 5 years, that will have changed. Oh dear God.

Today we went to nursery with Lily, to have a look around the place and meet the other children who are starting in the autumn. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable Lily was when we were there, and not jsut with the surroundings, but with the staff and also the other parents who were there and the children. If I am honest, I have been a bit concerned she may not be as chillaxed as Maia starting förskolan, seeing as we have been to so few baby groups, compared to going at the least weekly with Maia. But my littlest lovely is a Wilson for sure, and I feel very proud to have two happy, secure and cheeky little monkeys to call my daughters. My daughterS! I was only just getting used to saying I had a daughter, never mind saying the plural lol.

Anyhoo, bed is calling, sleep is washing over me slowly but surely, but I am trying my hardest to keep my eyes open and paying attention to the GCB season finale. I ought to just give in, it would make thursday come alot quicker and squishy lovely cuddles with three of my favourite nieces. My other two favourites I will have to squeeze doubly hard in December ❤


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