Cracknells on tour

Shoot me down for sounding a fool, jumping the gun and jinxing us from here to Kingdom come, BUT, the house is surprisingly quiet with five children in it. In this very moment, Lily is snoozing, Rebecca cuddling mummy in sofa, and Bethany, Megan and Maia are drawing at the dining table.

 Yes, ok, its only been one full day, but still. Things are going great. Logistically, we’ve had to tweak things a little here at home and have moved out all of Maia’s toys into the ”Office” corner of the living room, still very much a concept idea, and very much on the hunt for *the* desk. Difficult, as we have polar opposite opinions as to what this ultimate desk looks like. Mark wants classic scandinavian chic, and me, chic of the shabbier kind.

So far, we have enjoyed an afternoon at the beach, and last night’s bedtime went ten times better than the night before. Fingers crossed things go the same way tonight, or even better (dare we hope?! ). Today Kerry, Rebecca, Lily & I are off to a loppis, so I best get me skates on and get dressed- leaving in half hour! 

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