moose farms, beaches and happiness

Life is for living. I’d bet a million quid on the fact that most of us have used this phrase at least once in our lives. To live is to breathe, and smell the sun drenching everything in warmth. To feel, every colour of the flowers, the grasses and the skies. To live is to be, taking the time to stop, look around and appreciate what you have and love it.

taken whilst picnicking at Älgens Hus, Bjurholm

Today, like everyday, we have been so busy it is untrue. Unlike last week though, so far we have avoided A&E. We ended up there twice with Maia, once for high temp and next to NO food or drink and no weewee’s or poops for 15hours (scary) and a second time with severe swelling to face and limbs with a rash, that went as quickly as it came, and practically disappeared whilst we were sat in assessment. Strange. Thankfully, we were at a BBQ where a friend of our hosts is soon to be a qualified paediatric Dr, thinks Maia has slapped cheek and not a severe allergic reaction. Thanks GP and A&E for nothing. When we inquired about how/why this allegic reaction (the rash) was coming and going at such random times and circumstances, we were met with a shrug and sent on our way. Anyhoo, Im over it…

So, yes. Busy, busy, busy. We took a trip out to Älgens Hus today to see the Kings of the Forests. The kids weren’t really all that interested in it, but it was a nice day and we had a lush picnic out in the sunshine and the girls were all lovely behaved. Sort of. Good considering they werent fussed on the mooses and just wanted to run around and scream which wasnt so nice for the baby mooses who were only at most 3weeks and youngest 1.5 weeks old. Didums.

After a quick turn around of dinner, it was shoes on again and off to Revet  for evening play at the beach. Wishful thinking it would turn our little angels into peacefully sleeping beauties before their little heads even touched the pillows. But it was a valiant try and very very fun one too, Mark releasing his inner merman and James Bond, dunking of some over eager children in the water who then realise that maybe it wasnt so fun lol. Little cuties. I am awed at how well they have taken to eachother and play together, considering they were all but strangers when they first arrived. Blood is thicker than water they say, and maybe there is something in it…

 Someone once said, that happiness is wanting the things that you already have. Its so true.  Cheesy, I know. But still. A happy thought to leave you with, G’night!


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