friday feelings & pralines

Nothing feels as good as this. Half  lying on top of the bed with the window wide open, smelling the summer rain, and listening to a bit of Norah Jones in the background. Friday feelings indeed, good people of the world. Friday feelings!

It’s not a total doss evening, I have actually made my own marbled chocolate pralines. I even went above and beyond my beginners status and plopped in a hazelnut or two. Having just sampled one, I can tell you they most certainly are delicious, and now that I know that I dont totally suck as a Chocolatiere I’ll get some better quality chocolate to do it next time. Probs end up working out more expensive than buying the darn things, but where’s the fun in that?? This she says having been to hell and back with frustration, grating up 400g worth of chocolate super super super fine and hurting poor fingers, and then realising it was actually rather akward constantly stirring melting chocolate sitting in a bowl in a pan of boiling water X2 (for the dark and white chocolate). 

I’ve said it before, but domestication just does not seem to become me. Y’know, the bits that are essential like cooking = total BOREDOM to me. Baking is fun. Cleaning I manage ok, better than some, worse than others, lagom as we say here in Sweden. Homemaking, rather than housewifing befits me more appropriately methinks. And seeing as we are speaking of making I shall mention that I have an upcoming project, or three, that require a sewing machine, fabric, lace and fabric paints, Homemaking stuffs. There are some poor cushions on our sofa screaming out for prettier covers, and its something I have been wanting to do for ages but just not had the right inspirations. Now that I do, I just have to make poor hublet take me to the shops tomorrow, but saying that maybe leaving him and the kiddies at home would be the best and make for uninterrupted glorious browsing at Ohlsson’s Tyger alone. Smart aren’t I.

Anyone else have any projects on the go?


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