lemon tasting and burning skies

This past weekend was one for firsts.My first first in the list of first is that I willingly went out with an aim to go look at cars. Second first being the Wilson family sampling the delights of eating an evening meal out together all four of us. Thirdly first, as you may have guessed, Lily got her first taste for lemons. The pictures are rather misleading, as she actually really liked it haha. Bless her, she’s a cracker for pulling faces that one!
Old American cars from the 1950’s, lovingly restored to their former glory, dont quite have the same glory when you are sheltering under a shop awning from the rain and the normally big crowds of people gathering for the cruises are whittled down to almost nothing. But still, when you have had a nice meal with great company its still very much a successful evening even if the highlight wasnt as was hoped. There be always next year, and the year after, and then the year after that so I am sure I am going to be feeling the vibes and bopping along some point to the funky retro-ness that is.
pic borrowed from here

It was a good thing we had such a chilled weekend really, this week has been hectic. More visitors arriving in the shape of Michelle and Frederik, and tomorrow Nana heads back to the UK. So really, I ought to get myself to bed as I’m heading over to mothers early to see her off before she heads for the airport. I know I will kick myself for saying this, but I am somewhat looking forward to the evenings getting darker again – I find it ridiculously hard to go to bed at a sensible time when the sun shines all the time…lame as excuse I know. But hey, if I didnt stay up until the small hours savouring the light that is, I wouldnt be able to take photos like this:


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