my house, my home

This little beauty followed me home last week. I found it abandoned, sad and surrounded by ugly commercial desks circa mid 90’s. My heart was bleeding- I had to save it! Thanks Returnbutiken for another fabulous find!

After much deliberation, I have decided against painting it white. First off, we already have white walls. The warmth from the wood is a welcomed break in the paleness and I think it may even lose a little of its charm taking it from its original state. Though saying that, with it being white it would give it another charm altogether, but until I am completely 110% sure, I aint doin’ nuffin. Plus, we have a drinks cabinet that matches rather lovely with it and makes a mix-matched set. Genius huh.

Today’s project is to sand and hopefully start painting our new pre loved dining chairs. Currently black legged and backed, with an oak seat, the plan is to paint what is black white to tie it it with our white dining table. I love pre loved!  I’m all for abit of individuality and character to your furniture and not leaving it to chance that you get a house with some. For me, my  house needs to be cosy, relaxed and an easy place to be with my nearest and dearest. Somewhere that fills me with inspiration and love. Thats what makes this house  my home.


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