whinging and a prayer of the day

Dear lord, please give me strength to see me through the day
To deal with tanrums, tears and teeth in a loving motherly way
Give me the patience to shame a saint, because dear lord, thats one thing I aint
Lend me some energy and willingness to play, to enjoy each moment of this summers day

You know what the day will bring when you are woken up at 4.47am by whinging. Crying and upset it one thing, whinging another. At least in this household. The whinge at that time of the morning (or anytime) just means hell. Trials through out the day to wear out even the most resilient of minds lay ahead of me. Oh and hey, doesnt it just happen to be on a day where we are going out for picnic lunch at the lake with the Wattses? Of course it does. And, isnt mamma totally worn out too even though she went to bed before 9pm? Doesnt everything always happen at once? Yes of course it bleedin does haha.

That is what is going to make this day something to laugh about next week. As the icing on the cake there is no bread or milk to make sandwiches or tea for the outing, meaning I really should be ready NOW to go out to the shops first and head to mother dearest early to prepare the picnic and not just swing by and pick up Alex, Michelle and Frederik. But so far, only I am dressed and the swimming gear is at least packed.         I best get me skates on….


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