mamma’s little helper

The last 3 months there appears to have been a transformation with Maia. She’s gone from toddler to little girls it feels. And she’s a real mini-me, in the sense that she does, or wants, to do everything that I do. She’s feeding Lily, hoovering, doing the dishes, laying the table, helping to cook food. Since her cousins have been and gone, she’s helping to tidy up her toys which was a nightmare to get her to do otherwise. Result!

A favourite role play at the moment is making tea and sandwiches for us in her kitchen and serving it to us. Or, going for a walk around with baby in the pram, with her change bag hanging on the handle and shoppin underneath in the basket. Should poor baby lose its little hat, mormor needs to help mini mamma put hat back on baby and tuck baby in again. My heart melts. We can occupy ourselves when Lily is asleep with making bracelets and necklaces. Making and wearing her own designs is very fun, and the last week I have even allowed her to wear some necklaces she got for her christening and first christmas, and you should see her beam with pride parading around with a alspand (read halsband = necklace).

My little darling, how and when did you get so big? 


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