TGIF & Todays outfits

I do love a bargain, I do. Like these fab shorts– 99kr in the sale at Indiska, and the only thing to follow me home yesterday. If I hadnt have bought that silly exercise bike, then my arms would have been overloaded with gorgeous printed and jewelled dresses and tunics, scarves, wine glasses, cushions, throws and tablecloths. Indiska has it all in my eyes.
Here’s the kiddlets only moments ago, playing with the extra chairs brought up for dinner last night. It was the first time in a long time that both me and dear husband got to eat at the same time, without interruptions or someone wanting feeding too – we actually ate past bedtime hehe. Very pleasureable indeed! But  once that first glass of wine was consumed and I fell into a food coma, that was it. Snoozy head on and in bed just gone 9pm. Tonight we’re having dinner at the parents and the mini Wilsons are staying over tonight so once they are in bed we’re hot footing it back to ours and jumping into bed with a movie. Thank God Its Friday peeps!

Anyhoos, I am nippin off to the kitchen to see what healthy naughtiness I can come up with as we’re having fika at ours today. Im thinkin raspberry muffins – surely that will count as part of my five a day?! 😉 The weather is thoroughly wet, so I couldnt think of  better way to spend it than with lovely friends and muffins =)


One thought on “TGIF & Todays outfits

  1. Emma

    Det tar verkligen på krafterna! Nätterna har varit ok men dagarna katastrof, 1,5 h sömn är inte mycket att hänga i granen.. :/


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