project sew

Well, well, well! Finally, I have gotten everything to fall into place. It’s taken me long enough, but I’ve found the material I wanted, managed to get hold of a sewing machine, and even roped Mark into doing sewing for me. He likes it, me..not so much. I would rather be cutting, pinning and planning. That suits me better, but if needs must I can turn my hand to the machine too 😉 We only got as far as actually making ONE cover last night, before we decided that utilizing our child-free time would be much more to our advantage, ie sleeping.

Feeling lovely and refreshed after a good night undisturbed kip, the only exertion today has been the food shop. Since getting back we’ve been busy just being, and finally getting some lamps, bunting and shelves put up that have been waiting around for like forever. I could now chill out and enjoy this saturday curled up on the sofa with a film, or I could even carry on sewing. But nay, I am going to get on that bike and have a very sore butt by the morning =D


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