a new week

So here comes yet another monday, another new week and another countdown until the daddio is off for a couple of days. Yet this time it is different. The daddio is actually off for 3weeks! *jumpsupanddowninexcitement*

Me being the tyrant that I occasionally am (or so my husband would have you believe), have worked my poor man hard this weekend. He’s had to put up candle shelves, wall lamps and bunting in the girls room and some mirrors in ours. I made him help me with the sewing machine.Those things and I do not get on! I thought if we borrowed one from the Wattses, that is from the 90’s rather than the 50’s, the machine and I would get on better. Alas, no, and I fear this sewing machine lark is more about the connection the thing has with its owner, Or anyone else but me. The things conspire and plot my downfall as we speak, and as proof I have a mangled yet still presentable cushion cover nestled in my sofa. The shame. I’m a planner, not a maker. I do things, not make them it seems…

I wasnt all horrid this weekend. Yesterday we went out to a little cafe by the Nydala Lake and had a lovely hour chilling out with the girls who were in good spirits (about the only time yesterday). Unfortunately, miss Maia is just like her mamma, and now has two huge, red, hard lumps on her thighs from mozzybites. We must be very tasty. Like their own personal brand of heroine haha. All joking aside, its a pain in the butt.


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