Saturday =  weekend = chill out day? No, not at the Wilson’s. Ha! Today was a day of  getting some things done.

First up, painting the black chairs white. Normally, they have lovely cream covers on them, but realistically, and practically, they are a sodding nightmare with babies and toddlers and therefore they had to go. By ”go” I mean neatly folded away in a cupboard ready to be flashed when the mamma and the daddy decide to throw a dinner party. Here’s to being posh haha.

 Also, we refurbed  a chest I bought for the girls about 3months ago for 200kr (under £20). The bottom was a bit blah and the wallpaper inside, though lovely, was tatty and old. Good thing Mr. Wilson is handy in a way that would shame Manny! Quick replace of the bottom, padding out the inside and then putting cool new material on the inside. Viola! A true Creation a la Wilson. There’s a little teeny thing we need to purchase before this beauty will be allowed in the vicinity of children and be considered safe – such as a safety catch. Guess a trip to town in on the agenda for tomorrow then eh.


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