one man’s rubbish is another’s treasure

A sneaky peeky at some of my favourite pre loved items in our house. Of course, the desk and the chest are very highly placed on this prestigious list,  but they have had their own posts and revelled in the glory here and here haha. Cant be favouritising the favourites – talk about opening a can of worms  😉 The most expensive gem is the kitchen light above the table, a whole 300kr, or £27.66 to be precise. Sweet! The rest range from mere 5kr for the mix-matched white flower pots ( 7p maybe??)  to 200kr and come from Returbutiken or random loppis around where live. Things like the big white mirror were free, as was the glass cake stand and the cooker and sink in Maia’s room. I rescued those from the end of the drive of a house on the way to my parents as the kids there had out grown playing kitchen. I, or rather mother who was walking with me and had her purse, donated 100kr as it felt wrong to just grab and run.

I am off now to have a cuppa and chill before we head over to the parentals and celebrate daddy dearest’s birthday and eat lots of scrummy cake. After two days of rest and cake I am going to have to work that bike hard tonight =D Hope you’re all having a good a weekend as we are!


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