I am rather excited, yes I am. Im a little stressed too, and have a hundred things to remember even though I have a list the size of an A4 piece of paper haha. God bless lists! …..Sometimes I have even made lists of lists – first time was when we flew to Sweden before moving here with Maia. Yes, I know, you dont need to say it šŸ˜‰

For now, I’ve packed what I can. The plan is to have the car loaded and ready this evening, and leave sometime in the morning, we cant quite decide – between 4am and 8am is a reasonable time slot haha.You may have guessed we are going on a road trip. We’ve got ourselves a DVD player, conveniently with two screens, thanks to Maia’s friend A lending us his. Bless him, he was very cute and even let Maia borrow one of his favourite films, the Lion King.  To say that Maia in in awe of having a tv in the car is an understatement.  Here’s hoping it will go someway to making the lengthy trip somewhat easier!!

Well good folks, I am gonna enjoy the cuddles with Maia on the sofa whilst Lily sleeps and Mark sorts the car out. He’s all bandaged up from a cut to his finger this morning doing the dishes and subsequently having to wake me up to take him to the doctors. But that, is another story. A tad dramatic though, just to get out of doing the flippin dishes – jeeezaz!


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