wish list

I have a little wish list of things I would like for the house. Who’d have thought it!?

First off, I would like some morrocan style lamps for the hallways, the one when you first enter la maison a la Wilson and the mini one between the girls bedrooms and the bathrooms. Bit of fun with lighting is always good. Speaking of the mini hall, that’s where those wiggly mirrors from Ikea come in. I actually want three, but they come in packs of two, so Ima have to chew that one over for a while as to how many I will actually get. Mirrors + funky lighting = fun little hall for the girls. Also mulling over whether or not to get some wall stickers, like owls and trees, or if I should paint them myself. But I will decide that in due course – cant have too many balls in the air…

Extra seating is always handy, especially around a dining table. Hence the longing for a kitchen sofa. This item may seem a bit odd to you non Swedes out there, but here back in the day, the maid of the house would actually sleep in the sofa. The seat as it were, was really just a lid that flipped up and she could cosy down late at night and not disturb the household, and likewise, get up at sunrise without traipsing up and down stairs making noise. Nifty. Back in the 21st century though (and the latter of the 20th) they are far more streamlined – you may be able to plonk a toddler or two in there for sleepy time if needs must, but otherwise it is just extra storage. Another thing always to come in handy!

That big old standing clock and Karlskrona lounger from Ikea are the more indulgent wishes. Not really needed, but good for my soul. To be perfectly honest, the lounger has to be saved for either a summer house or a house house, when & where there will be space. Likewise the clock, though I have actually got a wall space marked out for it already by  the desk in this apartment. Let’s put it this way, should the opportunity arise, I will not be one to walk away.

Now its time to get the sewing machine out and finish the cushion covers. This time, I actually have a NEW machine to work on! Thanks mum. Pictures to come once all is done 😉


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