the girls

Voila! the not so extraordinary covers, but by golly do I love’em

Good morning world! Waking up to another fine sunny view out of the living room, and a dark foreboding mass of dark clouds out the kitchen window. Yes, another typical day it is. Thunder and lightning has been predicted several times now, but nothing. Yesterday started out the same and the day turned out fab. Todays agenda is unclear –  We may be seeing the SA’s later, I may get my hair done and I may start sanding Maia’s bookcase to get that painted too. A rather unplanned and open day, by all accounts. 

Speaking of Maia, check out this ensemble. Daddy’s crocs, Lily’s sunhat and a baby in a carrier. All grownded up! Cant believe her 3rd birthday is drawing near. Mad stuffs. Also mad, is her philosopy on life that is starting to emerge. Planes do not fly to other countries, but to the moon. She is not a little girl, she is a mumin. Or a blubblerbly (butterfly). Daddy is a monster, Grandad a baby and mamma is either a mumin or butterfly too. Spankin’ eh!  Someone could have told me I was getting pale and lump like… 😉

On wednesday we have an eye check up, which is part of the routine with her arthritis, and thankfully, she is still symptom free. The physio we’ve been doing at home has helped her knee to straighten out – she just still has the habit of putting her weight over on the other leg, but that will take longer to get out of bless her. Here’s hoping things keep going as they are and we aren’t in for another bumpy ride this autumn/winter. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!

And what about this monkey? You leave her for five mintutes and she unscrews mammas nice new body butter and smears it over her face. Nice one my love, nice one haha 😉 Lily is quicker than the speed of light, sleeps with one eye open, ready to pounce and not miss a thing. Ok, she doesn’t actually sleep with one eye open, but she is quick to wake and come round ready for action so she may as well be IMO.

She has finally cut teeth, two is up and three just hovering– that makes a tooth a week so far, not bad eh? She takes several steps by herself now, and we tend to walk just holding hands the normal way when going anywhere here at home. The master of face pulling and expression is our Lilypops. Lily most certainly is more forward in showing how she feels. Maia is an independent strong willed girl, not backward in coming forwards but in comparison she is a little more reserved and takes things in and assesses them, where Lily just steams through. Zoom Zoom is Lily’s motto

Times like these, I wish I had started blogging sooner to be able to read back and compare how the girls are at the same ages – least I will have these nuggets of gold to look back on =) Anyhoo…time to get on with my day! Here’s to feeling those happy monday vibes =)


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