mucho excited!

Oh excercise bike, you ARE my new best friend! A while ago (feb!?) I made a promise to myself to get fit. Stop eating the crap, and exercise. It only took me until july to start! Well, now we are five weeks in, 2 weeks off from the bike due to holidays away from home, and I thought it would be a good time to measure myself again and compare to back in Feb. 
In February I measured :                       Today I measure:
Thigh 66cm                                                Thigh 62cm
Hips 102cm                                                Hips 101cm
Tummy 97cm                                             Tummy 94
Weight 74.5kg                                           Weight 72kg
I is rather pleased, as you can imagine. Because actually, I feel that I haven’t gone in as whole heartedly as I could have done. Gosh, I hope that doesnt make me sound like a smug cow, I really just am surprised!!  I mean, all I have really done with regards to eating better, is cut out bread – because it makes me horribly bloated and uncomfortable and instead I will have a ryvita. I’m drinking lactose free milk, for a similar reason really. I cant drink a normal bog standard cup of tea with normal milk without bloating, but other than that I hadnt noticed a difference or thought further about it until I tried lactose free milk and realised I wasn’t ”aware of my belly” if that makes sense. Strange really – I remember when I was in my teens getting tested at the docs for any intolerances but nothing showed up. 
Well that’s more of an incentive than needed, as I have been feeling a difference in my clothes which is what I was wanting rather than to focus on what the scales say. Im off to jump on that bike now, and tomorrow I am getting my hair done! Very excited, its been faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long since – shame on me!

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