friday chillout

Ta da!! the finished frame =) I thought I would like the black in there to add a bit of depth, but infact I think it looks rather naff so I am going to paint those tomorrow haha. Win some, lose some right?! I am loving this mood I am in of doing stuff and getting creative. Feels like another piece of the me puzzle has slipped into place. Bursting with ideas but with too little time and not enough resources. Shame my birthday wasnt that long ago and christmas feels too far away…

Anyhoo, today has been a good day. Chilled out start and ending with a frantic scramble to get dinner on the table and kids into bed as we have been too busy having fun. Paddling in the pool, crawling through tunnels, driving cars and crashing into one another and running like looneys are just a few of the things the kids have been up to. Spending time with the SA’s is so easy – the fact our kids are so close in age is just perfect. Makes for easy socialising! Oh, and the fact that they are fun to be with too 😉
Tonight is chilled, Im jumping on the exercise bike in a min and leaving the ironing ’til the morrow. Something I have done for several days now…why cant more house related tasks be fun?? Oh, and I hads me hair done yesterday ( incase you were wondering) and I went dark & I LOVE it. 


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