an average day

After a very lazy morning, which is rapidly becoming the norm here, it was good for us all to take a walk down to the local football pitch for the build up to the local derby. Tell you what, that sodding walk is enough exercise for today. The double must weigh atleast 20kgs, Maia somewhere between 17-18kgs and Lily,  10kgs maybe? That is like pushing almost 2/3 of my own weight up hill for a good chunk of the way, and if you add humidity and no wind I think that entitles me to a rest evening after two in a row on the bike! Yes-that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Undoubtedly the best bit for Maia was the FREE bouncy castle, which surprisingly seeing as it was free, was not overrun by kids. Ideal.  Instead of following the pack and jumping/trying to run from side to side, Maia actually realised she had ALOT more fun jumping really high in one spot and then launching herself on the steps up to the castle. She’s been watching too much Olympics that one.

 My best bit of day was when we had finished eating our packed mellis, and mormor turns up from her wander around the stalls with some gooey chocolate muffins. Maia has two super quick mouthfulls, turns to me and says…

Maia- ‘Ank jooo* Mamma! <gives me gooey chocolate kiss on the cheek.leaves nice smear>
Me- aaw thanks! no probs gumman
Maia- Maia gå oppa nuuuu!/ Maia go jumping noooooow!

*Thank you

The day ended rather cosy on the sofa, but of course it wasnt plain sailing to get there. Exercise bikes crashing down ontop of children, children whinging for dummies, mamma whinging for food, daddy moaning at mamma for whinging…but we still feel the love. Tomorrow we have a 1st birthday party to get to, and Mark is having to do some extra work- meaning that ironing I STILL havent done NEEDS to be done tonight. Silly me doing what seemed good deals at the time means I alone MUST do it all this time..rubbish.


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