and she’s off!

the mamma’s look of disbelief

Bejezaz, I am NOT ready for this. Well, I am, but I am not. Today can most definately be said to be the day that Lily started walking. Not just between me and Mark/mormor/grandad/Alex, but fully turning herself away from the support she has and toddling off in t’other direction…gaaaah!! I have not a little baby no more!

It all started just before lunch at Camilla’s where Lily turned from me sitting in the sofa and took 4 steps away before plonking herself down. This afternoon I was sat at the desk and she crawls up to me, puts her head in my lap and makes that little ”aaw-im-so-cosy-giving-cuddles-noise” turns around and walks back to the sofa. Since then, any chance to toddle away and she’s been off. I have a bit of a habit of setting her down by the dining table when I am going to the cooker/sink, to occupy her and keep her happy moving about, and it was all walk walk walk today. Bless her.

Oh, and she ALSO today mastered the art of climbing up on the sofa. Fanflippintastic!


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