Maia – the photographer?

The many faces of Lily

Well I’ll be damned if it isnt the weekend again…it was only tuesday a minute ago?! I cant blame being a super mamma with lots of fun packed in this week, far from it. .

Miss Maia went back to nursery on wednesday after having 11 (!!) weeks off, and it was like she’d never been away the staff told me when I picked her up. Incidentally, when I was there picking her up, I put Lily down on the floor to help Maia put some toys away and before I knew it Lily had gone into the other room, found some friends with toys and started playing. Dont think I really need to do the schooling-in, I recon I could just drop her off with big sis and it would all be fine. But I wont, ofcourse not! Wouldnt look terribly well now would it hah 😉 Actually, I really like the ladies on M&L’s avdelning (section??There are 5 groups/sections at the nursery, I think) so am looking forward to the schooling-in and dont see it as a chore. Yes, what a good mamma I am.

I let Maia play with the camera yesterday. I had in my mind I would set up the tripod and the remote and snap away some ‘oh-so-casual-eating-our-lunch-on-a-glorious-summers-day’ shots to show how life really is at the Wilsons, but no (and no, we arent that glam haha). I gave up before I even started.  You see, Maia had to be in control. She really is turning into a little miss bossy boots that one! So I left her to it and got some lovely shots in the wrong direction and out of focus lol. However, much praise for her creative eye, one cant be stifling their creativity now can we =)

camera turned the way it was ment to…and then wasnt. Better luck next time dear daughter 😉

Even removal of camera could not curb M’s enthusiasm 


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