Finally, that bulb went <ping> and I knew what I wanted to put up on that boring wall. Some blubblerblies! (M’s word for butterflies) I thought it quite fitting really, what with having two woodland pictures already hanging. Plus I have a hankering for a much larger old school wall poster of various butterflies (and one of flowers) but until there are more pennies in my purse to spend on frivilous things (so says the husband) I will have to sort myself out. Which, really is the more fun thing to do –  I can be rather mean with money even if its something I really really want!

There are a couple of more things I need to print off and hang, until I feel ”done” – but I need to find a printer first. I only managed to do the ones above as I got them onto a memory card and plugged that into the printer and used the touchscreen quick print. For some reason, my parents sh!t hot printer and our laptop dont go. Strange really. I need to print some A4 stuffs not just normal sized photos. Ho hum, I’ll be asking around anyways, and maybe by the weekend I will have it all done I hope. I have a little under two weeks until mother in law arrives and it will all be done by then!

Mark decided to build a massive tower yesterday out of M&L’s newest toy. Very hard trying to keep them both from succumbing to their urge of kicking the crap out of the tower and cause mass destruction, but we managed it 😉 You should have seen the pure joy on Lily’s face when she delivered the devastating tap that sent the tower toppling and then the proudest grin ever that followed. Funny little thing =)

Speaking of Lily, I can hear here in her cot which means nap time is over…t’was lovely to get the chance to sit and watch trueblood in peace and drink a cup of tea all alone. Now for some playing and doing the dishes and collecting Maia in an hour….toodles!


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