aprons,work and rain

On our trip down to Gothenburg, I aquired several new aprons. This one, and a most fabulous red gingham one that ties at the waist are the genuine article from way back when it was cool the first time. Mum’s friend Marie (also M’s godmother) and husband inherited their summer house from his auntie who lived there all her life, and is filled with fabulous old furniture and trinkets to go nuts for. A dream come true for me to raid and get inspired. Shame I didnt get to do any raiding but I did get inspired. Is it sad that I think its rather fun to wear this apron when cooking and washing up? I mean, I can be REALLY clumsy, and I was making a tomato-based sauce and I didnt want to ruin my dress…I guess I cant help but think I have the adult version of a Lily ”cover-me-all-up-proper’‘ bib on haha. But gosh do I love it!

There is lot of prep work and exciting things going on for going back to work in 4weeks, but its scaring the crap out of me aswell. I am so used to my little bubble now, child rearing and homemaking seems to be all that I am at the moment, and I am a bit perplexed as to how I ever made it to work before with a job, house chores and being mamma. I suppose this is what happens when you’ve been off work for ages too, you kinda lose the will to go back to all the needs and musts? I worked my last day before maternity leave July 22 2011 – over a year ago!! Luxurious, tiring, fun & frustrating all at the same time. Raising children is NOT a walk on roses, but even after a day from hell (which I have had a few of recently, thanks terrible 3’s for coming early) I wouldnt swap it. I’d miss the chaos, the smiles, tantrums, tears and all.

Anyhoo, off to bedski I go, listening to Lily coughin and the rain. I cant remember last I saw it rain? Well I did daaawn saaarf like, in Gothenburg, but not here….hmmm what an odd feeling having lived in Devon, aka the wettest place on earth!?


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