a new meaning to work wear

Mamma got herself a new bit of bling today, thanks be to my work buddies! Rather random, but I like it –  kinda brings a whole new meaning to work wear no? Maybe I’ll see if I can get hubster a saw or hammer ear cuff for his birthday? Or maybe, we should replace his wedding ring that he lost whilst rafting first. Silly man. You should have heard the conversation, all the grovelling before hand, trying to explain the seriousness of it and how sorry he was, made me think he’d really hurt someone and was in alot of trouble haha. Perhaps that was his plan all along…soften the blow as it were, that he had ”only” lost his ring.

So tonight is my last night home alone, and I’m spending it half wathcing Elizabeth – The Golden Age on tv and making Lily’s party decorations. Mad to think that this time next week I will have a one year old and a two year old! Other things I ought to do tonight is work out what fika we are having, I dont actually want just sweet things like cakes, but something savoury too, verging in healthy. I know, I know, party food and healthy dont normally find themselves in the same sentence, unless the word not is thrown in the mix. But hey, there can always be a first 😉


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