super snooze

Someone only napped for ten minutes yesterday and fell into a deep sleep at 5.30pm. Which I thought was either going to mean a long nap for her and up half the night, or the luxury of an extra hour just me and big sister and an earlier wake up call in the morning, hoping that if best I would get her usual 11hours.
 I got neither.
In fact, the little darling stirred a few times which woke me up – must have been sleeping light expecting the worst – but nothing to require me getting out of bed to see to her. Maia joined me in bed at just after 4am, a lovely little habit I am in no hurry or worry to end. I know it frustrates Mark, so it didnt take long convince him we need to get a bigger bed (another thing to add to the list….) Maia decided morning was 6.15am – much better than 5-something which it usually is. As we tip toed to the bathroom Lilypops was just stirring awake – practically 13 lovely hours sleeping! Mamma feels refreshed and smushy, having had lot of extra wonderful cuddles with my lovelies this morning on the sofa.

Close friends of ours suffered the devastating loss of their baby daughter last week, and the shock and upset of such a tragedy has made this week stand still and I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on life and giving the girls that extra little bit of love, Mark too. He’s away in the UK now for the funeral and I am missing him something terrible. We were so many who longed for and were excited to meet little Ruby Rose – the funeral directors had to send an extra car to carry all the flowers for her. I fail to find the right words or things to say, but I suppose in this case, there just aren’t any. They know we are here should they need us ❤ God bless and rest in peace Ruby Rose xxx


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