caught in the act…

One a nose picker, the other in training for the Olympics. Maia has the most fanatical need to jump on everything and everyone possible at the minute. Of course, her running full pelt at me to jump in my lap and give me such a squeeze and a kiss, isn’t actually that bad. But, standing in the corner of the sofa like in the pic, jumping to land on her bum on the cushions and then slide with a bump to the floor, is that bad. Naughty naughty miss M! The boundary pushing and patience testing is high on this lady’s agenda at the moment, the terrible 2’s come late or 3’s starting early?? I think 3’s.

The Terrible 2’s dont really exist here, the Terrible 3’s is the dreaded phase that has tongues wagging from when baby is in the cradle. It causes mild panic, and special parenting classes and textbooks to take home. Active Parenting, so the movement is called haha. Some of it a load of tosh, other bits quite useful. Most of all, its just bloody common sense. You set boundaries, you keep your boundaries, and if toddler finds itself crossing those boundaries then action must be taken. Simples.

Anyways, Autumn is knocking at the door here in northern Sweden, and this Mamma is all excited for her favourite time of year. So much so, that its not even 8am and I am going to be getting kidlets dressed and down the park now that I have finished blogging. ‘Til next time!


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