keep calm and drink tea

The Mamma isn’t all hopeless eh. No, not only did I manage to source frames & print the pictures, I actually hung them too. Woot-de-woot. And yes Husband, I used NAILS not screws, so there. It is a bit of a running joke that only the man in the house does the picture hanging and I have to nag nag nag to get it done when I want it done. Fool that I am, I rather enjoyed it for the first little while, but now being stuck as the incapable wife is annoying. OK, tad dramatic lol, but still, I think you get what I mean 😉
Life still feels a bit in limbo regarding work, which really isnt much fun. The prospect of the next 3-6months with little to no wage on my part feels extremely daunting, but in the long run its something that will be worth it. This time next year I hope to be wondering why I was so very anxious, when I just needed to be a little bit so. But its always easier to be efterklok, hindsight is a wonderful tool, but foresight is where the money is (pardon the unintentional pun). If you could bottle and sell that, boy would you be carefree!

 Enough ramblings, Lily is down for a snooze already so I best take advantage and tidy up the toys and do the morning dishes my dear husband forgot, and then have myself a cuppa and start preparing lunch. An average day all round it would seem ❤

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