”my mum is….”

I bloody love it! This top, married with Lily’s killer evil stare will ensure she rules the playground. Oh god, I have said it once, and I will say it again, that one has the potential to be the one that causes us trouble lol.

My sweet, darling last born and I, have a special day today. It is our last proper day off like this, just her and I with Maia at nursery. Tomorrow dear mother in law arrives for a week, and on the 10th we start schooling Lilypops in at nursery, ready for  me to go back to work on the 24th. The end of an era you could say. Sweet salvation for a mamma’s brain springs to mind too. Disaster for a mothers aching heart and an ever growing guilty conscious for not being there is another thing. Comfort, in knowing that I have actually done a good job so far in raising confident, secure and happy little souls, that are full of love and cuddles, goes someway to mend the afore mentioned negatives. Or are they really negatives? Can you tell I am feeling philosophical today!? Sheeessssh!

Seeing as Lily is actually having another super early nap today I am going to make the most of it and put some washing on and tidy the mornings playtime away and try and catch some Z’s too. Tonight will be a late one I think, doing decorations and a last spruce up and dusting, washing floors and hoovering ready for MIL tomorrow and the party on saturday. Laters!

snuggles on sofa before bed last night ❤


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