cupcake boycott

I have gone now since Tuesday with out anything sweet. The week previous, I ate about 3 smaller but still the bigger type of chocolate bars. And each and everytime I have felt utterly sick afterwards. But hey presto, a bit of sugar passes my lips and BOOM! I have to fight the urges to and cravings again for another week or two. It isn’t as hard as it sounds, now that I have my mind set. Having thought about how, and what I eat, and when, feels easy, because I am noticing a difference. Without having used my exercise bike as much as I did at the start, the scales are still creeping down sloooowly. Makes me feel that I am at least, heading in the right direction and doing in right for once haha.

The only problem with this sugar avoidance is the party tomorrow. Of course, there will be the obligatory cake, and other small sugar fixes, but that is it. I’m sure it wont just be me glad that the kids can eat something other than just rubbish, even if at a party. Im doing a taco pie too, and some good old fashioned sarnies that wouldnt look out of place on an english party buffet. Tonight – not that they know it yet haha –  husband and mother in law are helping to do some baking. Mark is doing a prinsesstårta, and Im gonna get MIL on the chocolate balls, me knows she likes those hehe. There will be some marshmallows dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, but I think they are easier to do in the morning. We are bucking the trend here, I daresay, and going cupcake free. Yes, diabolical, I know. How will Lily ever be able to forgive me!?


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