cheats guide to fabulous kids party decs

I decided a while ago that I was going to make some bunting for Lily’s birthday party. And I thought I would cheat a little. Instead of doing any sewing, I went out and bought some different wrapping papers. Thought I would compile a cheats guide to making quick and easy party decs for not many pennies at all 😉

  1. Make a template from a cereal box, and fold over the wrapping paper so that you get a two sided flag.
  2. Once you have creased the paper at the size you want it, glue the paper together leaving a channel large enough to get your string through (I used my scissors as a rough guide)
  3. Cut off the paper from the roll that you want to use. Put the template on the paper again, and fold the paper over, so that you cut once and get several flags ( I got 3 from the width of mine with some excess left)
  4. Once you have cut out all the flags that you want, you can start stringing them up – I used a little hairclip attatched to the end of the string to make it easier to get through the channel

If you are feeling even more creative, get out those cereal boxes and cut out letters to spell out your child’s name, and even the number for their age. Seeing as I had lots of paper left over, I used the same ones, in the same pattern as I had hung the flags. One was most impressed with herself last night when all was hung, ready and waiting for the birthday girl to wake in the morning ❤


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