Lily – a year old


Ok, so it is now 06.48am.  I have been awake for about half an hour, listening to the kids playing with mother in law. We’ve been sent back to bed you see, heavenly and frustrating at the same time. I’m one of those that once awake, I am awake. Hence the naughtiness of sitting on here teehee, but I am relaxing and making the most of it. Thank you MIL!

Yesterday we had a fantastic day. It was chilled, no stress to get anything ready, kids were happy, guests happy and all ready for fika and coffee intake. A whole different story to Maia’s first birthday, when all save the Strömstens were poorly and had to cancel – such a shame!

Lily turning one hasn’t felt as ”big” as when Maia did. I remember waking up on M’s first birthday feeling that today is an epic day. I walked around in a sense of amazement and wonder,that I (we), had a 1 year old. We had made it through the baby stage, sleepless nights (she was an extraordinary sleeper & we actually skipped this part) our Wedding, moving abroad all within a year and we could stand there smiling, happy and stronger for it.

Waking up yesterday I felt excited for the day, and a smidge of relief. We had made it through our ‘‘last First Year”. Our adorable & hilarious daughter is now a toddler. It didnt feel like the end of an era, but a new start with more fun, adventures and tantrums to look forward to. A chance for our family life to really take off. I have never felt as proud of myself as I did yesterday, standing in the hall looking at all the great people around us, wanting to come share in MY family’s special day, celebrating Lily turning 1. We have been so fortunate to end up where we are today.

Lily is one happy, contented little girl. She has a temper not to be messed with and she has already thrown herself on the floor, feet kicking and hands banging, more times than Maia has in her 21months extra she has on her lol. A master of expressions, with a cheeky glint in her eye and a most adoring smile makes for a dangerous combination. Her loving,open mouthed kisses are freely given away and she takes cuddles when ever she wants one. Lily most certainly has a strong will, a keen sense for exploration and can be more stubborn than any old goat. Would it be wrong of me to say that I slightly dread the teenage years with traits such as these!?



2 thoughts on “Lily – a year old

  1. Anna Ekendahl

    Grattis till Lily. Eller grattis till henne när dagen är. Kommer tyvärr inte ihåg när det var hon var född. Hon verkar vara väldigt bestämd och full av “sattyg” vid ung ålder, precis som Rickards minsta Olivia. Många kramar till er alla.


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