picnics, the end of the line and a hospital visit

Today my name is stupid. I go to the shops, and start packing and stacking my shopping only to realise I haven’t got a carrier bag. Here in Sweden you select the amount and type of bag you want from underneath where you load your groceries. You can chose from paper, plastic and eco plastic. Talk about spoilt for choice (personally, I prefer the paper ones as they are now a pleasant pale shade of pink and white). You also pay for them, hence to D’OH moment when I had already paid.

Secondly, thanks to my blissful ignorance of our local bus service, Maia and I ended up at the end of the line, in a parked up bus for like 20mins in order for us to be able to return to Holmsund…we were in the village next door as it were, across the water. Joyous. That will learn me for being lazy, and not getting off the bus at the square, a mere 5min walk from home. Literally. I can almost see that bus stop. The one bus stop I actually can see from home and is only half way to the square is currently cut off from the route thanks to road works, which is why I chose to go on to the next one after that which takes us into the estate behind our house (and only 4mins away) as Maia isnt so keen on the noise and goings on of road works and I wanted to avoid a mass melt down.

Either any which way hoo…we had a trip to the hospital today to see Maia’s reumatologist, which is why we were on the bus in the first place. What a nice mamma I am giving my daughter such a treat  All joking aside, its was awesome sitting on the bus with M as she was chattering away non stop, looking out at the forest on the side of the road, telling me about monsters hiding and how she was looking for Bambi. And then some more monsters came. The actual doctors app was great, all bloods looked spanking, no funniness with her joints and by all accounts, we have a perfectly healthy happy daughter. Almost 6months now symptom free since her cortisone injections and 4 since she stopped her meds (which were only ever a super pain killer and not actually medicine medicine). Sigh.of.relief.

In other news, there are no news. Mother in law is here, we’re making the most of just being. The weather and a brewing stinking cold on all fronts is working against us, but we did have a lush trip and picnic in the park yesterday. Lilypops was most fascinated by the ducks and toddled around terrorising them and throwing bread haha. My gorgeous little thug ❤


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