mamma & daddy time


Things are back to normal this sunny, cold morning. Miss Maia tiptoed in at 5.57am & cuddled up in bed with me for about 20mins before she got too restless without her dummy and wanted up to watch bolibompa. 

The weather is looking rather fab for our grown up time today, blue skies & bright sunshine, if somewhat on a chillier side with 6C (it was only 4C when I got out of bed at 6something). A lush breakfast with most of the trimmings ( read cereals, toast, homemade jam and eggs with tea, no full english haha), means we are sufficiently fed for a morning out in the woods picking berries and mushrooms, and then onto some fishing methinks. Though I wont be too suprised if after berry picking we dont just end up crashed out in bed and get back in the black in the sleep account 😉


Must not forget to put camera in my bag today…in fact I shall be doing it as soon as I am done here. Girls are to be dropped off in an hour, so I best get cracking with getting them dressed and me showered & ready =) What are you guys up to today?


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