Princess and the Banker

As the title says, this is what I think the girls were playing this morning. Maia was trotting around in her heels, tiara and nightdress with camera in hand pretending to be a princess version of me, as if a tiara and high heels are daily accessories of mine. Camera yes, high heels occasionally, but a tiara? not even when I got married! Though I am flattered that my daughter sees me as being so glam 😉

Lily thought she was some high flying investment banker, stomping around with her bag and phone attached to her ear, ”uh-oh” ing and shouting ”NO!” at appropriate times, making her presence known. Fitting eh, that she would be wearing her new pjs which happen to fit the criteria for toddler inspired suit haha. My little darlings!

Tomorrow is D-day for Lily as she starts nursery, and I really hope they have as much fun together there as they do at home. It definately feels alot easier second time around, schooling in , and an extra positive is that Lilypops will have her big sis looking out for her. Its awesome watching them playing now Lily is that little bit older, chasing each other around, making food in Maia’s kitchen and seeing them cuddling up on the sofa. Enough to make this mammas heart melt thats for sure!


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