home alone

How I have waited to be sat here, cuppa in hand, and not a sound save the humming of the laptop. Girls are both at nursery, Lily is sleeping now so I got to nip home and am due back there in 35mins. Maia wont miss me haha, she never wants to leave that place. I am being very unproductive and rather disgusting – I am dunking overly sweet, very sickly and kinda dry cooking chocolate in my tea, hoping to quell this almighty sugar craving I am on. Dammit. One taste and the hard work was blown away! The restart of my sugar detox is starting in time for the weekend, which is when I guesstimate to be rid of the cold that has been lurkin for a week now. I dont see the need to make myself suffer even more by going cold turkey feeling like I am. Anyhoo , gloating over about this first time properly kid and husband, infact anyone free, since Lily was born. Lush!

Oh, here’s some pictures from our trip out on sunday, enjoy!


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