shoot me!



I havent got time today to spend 6hours at nursery. I had a blast yesterday, had lots of fun with my girls and the other kids and I think I even made a friend or two haha =) BUT, there are 3 majorly important phone calls that need to be made ASAP. A trip to the tax office would also be rather good if I could tick that off, and browsing the job centre for any more possible places to send of an application to or go and see in person and sell sell sell myself would be handy.

Having still not had any paper work from the UK  I am unable to start the process of starting my own company in order to be self employed at the salon. Starting fresh from 14months off with zero client base and a whole load of pennies that need to be spent to get started is making me a tad twitchy about needing and wanting at least another part time job to see us through until I have built up my client base again. Or a full time job would do, more security and set wage, and paid time off for VAB (care of poorly children) which is something I would go without being self employed. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I am sick of trying to swim upstream at the minute, sort out the kids and spend too many hours doing sod all at nursery when Lily doesnt need me there. But I do enjoy being at the nursery – so much so I think that a serious think about applying to uni next autumn is in order! Anyways.. time to get ready to go förskolan!


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