time to let go


Today miss Lily is having her first day at nursery. I am dropping both my lovelies off at 9am and not seeing them again until 13.00. So what am I doing to take advantage of this precious time I hear you ask? Cleaning, ironing, and a bit of washing. Oh, and changing all the beds. How very exciting, and not very lattemamma of me at all (not that I have anyone do have fika with, they’r all at bloomin work or Uni)

God, I feel like I have been rather boring on the blog this week, all moaning about work and gushing about children growing up. I thought maybe I would do a Question Time type of thing, so if its anything you guys are wondering, drop a comment or email and I’ll answer them =) 


One thought on “time to let go

  1. I hope her first day went well, and that yours has let you wrap up that massive to do list you had yesterday. They do grow awfully fast, and in the process of doing so make a lot of mess… so don’t apologise for blogging about real life. 🙂

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