right now (sort of)


At the risk of sounding a bit Stepford, today has been a rather perfect day. Its been the perfect stormy weather outside, and the perfect mood indoors for cosy chill outs with lots of cuddles and play. Lilypops has slept for a grand total of 3.5hours today, I have drunk about 6 large mugs of Fair Trade White Chai Tea using only one teabag – and still with plenty of taste – and Maia has been lulling her baby to sleep in her pram, copying what I do with Lily and how nursery parks up the prams for baby to sleep just outside their back door (with large windows and prams facing in so they are always seen).

We have cuddled on the sofa, eaten meatballs and macaroni for lunch and played about with the webcam taking pictures. We’ve cooked a bit of pretend food, played with Lily’s tractor that sings old macdonald, and currently Maia is under a blanket pretending to be a ghost and Lily is crawling in and out of the tunnel. The doggy tent is in our bedroom and out of bounds today due to naughtiness.  The daddy will be home in an hour or so, and he is cooking dinner. We are having MOOSE!

So goes this friday so far at home with the Wilsons. How’s it going your end? Do you have any special end of the week traditions?


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