Mamma’s wish list


Oooh the mamma has been dreaming away a little this morning checking out the H&M website. If only I had a birthday coming up haha. But if I had to choose just one the above to come home with  me it would have to be the cream lace dress.

With this whole birthing of 2 children within 21 months, clothes havent been the top of priority lists. Yet now, that I have lost the baby weight, feel better than I have in a long while, and feel confident enough to wear figure fitting clothes again I am having a mini crisis. Alot of things that adorn my wardrobe are items that have served me well  inbetween and after my pregnancies. Comfortable, forgiving and ok style wise. Boring, in other words.

Yesterday I actually got round to sorting out all my necklaces, earrings and bracelets that were left bereft in a drawer since Maia was born, only to see the light of day on few and far between occasions. I forget how fun it is to really accessorize! My jewellery now proudly hangs by my dressing table (read chest of drawer top) on my home made hanger – once my memory card is back in my possession I will be getting a picture up, along with one or two other little bits I have been up to…

Enough blabbering, a wash needs to be put on, some clothes put away, a cuppa drunk and then I am off to have my hair done ready for going back to work on Monday. It makes me happy to know my girls will be having a whale of time out in the woods today on this glorious weather.

Have a good day and be kind to yourself – you are fab as you are!


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