Oooh we have been good today! After our little jaunt alone in the woods mushroom and berry picking a few weeks ago, we decided to go with the Watt’ses plus kiddies today. We couldnt have picked a better day weather wise, cool enough to not over-heat in the gear we needed to stay dry and clean, and glorious sunshine.

Lily was rather unimpressed by the carrier, judging by her look in the photo. Infact, I think she was a bit miffed she didnt get to toddle around with Maia and Alba, but even if we had stuck to the large gravel path and only picked berries from the edge she would have struggled to keep up bless her. She wants to do so much that her coordination and balance are struggling to keep up. Next year is going to be so much easier to go out in the woods with them, or so I imagine. Miss Maia didnt quite get that she wasn’t supposed to gobble up the blueberries as she picked them, and she even started on my bucket after a while so we had to cheat a little with the pie we made for dessert by adding frozen raspberries. Win some, lose some 😉

Tomorrow is D-Day, back to work I go. Am looking forward to it, kinda. Kinda not as well, but I think that goes regardless of the situation I am in and I’d be feeling this anyway as I have now been off for over a year. My bestest most wonderful mother took me into town on saturday to go buy me some clothes to cheer me up, and two black dresses came home ment for work wear. Now that I am organised with my accessories I am rather looking forward to getting ready in the morning. My nails are even painted so I am definately set to go. I just now need to get me to bed, this is the latest I have been up all week haha, but its hard when wake up is 5-something am…

Hope you have all had a great weekend, wish me luck for tomorrow!


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