a loooong day at work…or not

If it is one thing I am sure not to do again, it is to pre-empt a good day by broadcasting it on facebook. Silly silly me! No sooner had I got to work, my first day back in 14months, and got myself settled in, do I get a phone call from nursery. THIRTY minutes is all that was managed today.

Little Lily wasnt a happy bunny, and something was most definately bothering her when I got there. She’d already been hysterical pretty much since I left, and it took me a best part of half an hour to get her settled myself. Im suspecting teeth, her top gum is very tender bless her and front teeth awfully close to breaking through..but even so I decided after an hour of being there and Lily still not 100% happy that it would be best all round to take her home. Maia of course , yet totally out of the blue, wanted to come home too and cried the whole walk back, and until I had given Lily a bottle of milk and put her to bed. Maia has complained about her bad ankle this morning so I figured that I may as well keep and eye on her myself seeing I was home with Lily.

Strangely enough, neither child seems ailed at the moment, and are what I would describe as normal. So, on with the day I go, putting clothes away, cuddling girls on the sofa and do dinner, dutifully awaiting husband to return from work. Tomorrow is a new day, and I hope it starts better than today 😉 


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