berryliscious curtains


At last, a cosier ambience has moved in! I only changed the curtains about two weeks ago, but really, the white patterned ones feel more spring, which is when they usually are hung. The purple ones were already hanging in the stair well coming up to our front door, to make it all a little more inviting. But hey, the Mamma wanted some autumnal warm colours and what better than pinks and purples to go with the little orange splashes on the window sill (a radio, plant pot and chillies that cant be seen on the pic) Mark isnt too sure on the mix matched windows, but paired up properly one window ended up too heavy and the other too light…and I think it looks cool, frames in the dining table much nicer, if there must be a reason 😉

I seem to have been bitten by a crotchet bug – perfect to keep me occupied during my downtime at work. First and foremost I am making a throw for the sofa, in beige, white, creams, greys and browns. Sounds dull I know, but it will be just perfect. Other things that are lined up already are some booties/slippers for me, a hat, some mittens and xmas decs. Yes dear people, Christmas will soon be here so its best to get planning craft bits now so as to not be left a big ball of stress closer to the big day with all the other musts that abound. Now, its my turn to make the tea and then I am going to carry on with square number 2 in my throw. G’night!


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